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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Intro To Poor Usernames

Hello all, I suppose I should begin this by saying that starting a blog feels a lot like starting my youtube channel - incredibly narcissistic.  In the youtube world, I talk about myself, my experiences, etc. this I would like to be something different.  I have, for about 3 years now, been an avid reader of beauty blogs.  Getting people's input on products and companies and getting inspiration and ideas has greatly benefitted my own development as my college dorm's on-site cosmetologist.  Hopefully, I'll be able to contribute to that somewhat.

My history with usernames/titles for things online has been rather awkward (icebox2104 was my AIM screen name).  This one is the result of a very long argument with Blogger's URL generator who refused to accept any of my ideas.  Ruiarí is the name of my dearly beloved stuffed elephant.  It is Irish, like the person who gave him to me, and it is pronounced Rory but looks so much more elegant.  So, sorry again for my inability to make cool usernames/URLs.  

This is my face, by the way:

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